Friday, September 5, 2008

DNA Evidence Collection and the Bigfoot Hunter

DNA collection and analysis has been praised by Science and Law Enforcement since it's discovery.
Let's take a brief look at what DNA analysis can and can't do for the Bigfoot Hunter.

You're on an expedition in the woods and you find some unknown hair or stool (scat) sample(s). If this is something you feel you need to collect then you need to treat the area in exactly the same fashion as a crime scene, i.e. secure the area and control access into the scene. The manner of collecting the specimen is also important to minimize any cross contamination, a common problem to both the crime scene processor and the avid Bigfoot hunter. The use of gloves, slip-on surgical "footies" for shoes, sterile implements (tweezers, etc...) and a sealable collection container/bag must be used to minimize tainting the sample. You also need to document when, where, who and under what conditions the "sample" was found and collected. It is imperative to maintain a "chain of custody" (who collected and/or had access to the sample) from the time the sample is discovered and collected until it reaches it's final destination in a lab for processing.

So you see, that simply the discovery and collection of this potential "evidence" requires extreme care.

Now, let's assume that you have taken the proper steps in the collection of this sample, you've sent it off to a reputable lab for testing. What can you expect?
Law Enforcement generally use DNA analysis data for "EXCLUSIONARY" purposes in criminal cases. It has been shown to be arguably 99.9% accurate in the exclusion of a potential suspect(s) during these investigations.

In the world of Bigfoot, DNA's evidentiary value is significantly more mundane.
It will NOT tell you whether there is a large, bipel primate living in the woods in North America. It MAY exclude certain other known animals, but ONLY if there are existing samples to compare it with. The KEY is in the COMPARISON.

What would one compare a Bigfoot's DNA to?

My point being that instead of roaming the woods searching for samples which may yield some DNA, your time would be wiser spent looking for the elusive creature itself--in the physical sense. Science will correctly maintain that the creature's existence cannot be verified without a "body" and any legitimate BF Hunter will agree with this point of view.

In a nutshell, Stop sifting through manure and put your complete focus on finding what is required for "proof positive"!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bigfoot Doesn't Live?

According to their latest video released on you tube, the Bigfoot Trackers seem to be indicating that their making a documentary of sorts:

Could this entire charade have been a marketing ploy?

At this point, any thing is possible.

Stop with the "BlobSquatches" Already

Why can't someone capture a clear, in focus and defined photograph of a Bigfoot. The closest thing we have to footage of an alleged actual Bigfoot is the Patterson-Gimlin film.

Why hasn't anyone else been able to get a good photo and what's with all of the "blobsquatch" pictures plastered all over the internet? I don't know about you but I'm pretty much fed up with some of these folks putting up photos that purport to show "something".

These folks need a reality check for sure.

In this day and age, there is no reason that we should be subjected to the type of poor quality images that are being presented as evidence..........or is there?

Actually, What I have found is that most "Bigfoot Hunters" are NOT using equipment that is on par with MOST wildlife photographers.


Most probably, the price of the equipment required for clear, sharp images at great distances.
First of all, you need to start with a good base camera body, Nikon is great but Canon seems to offer more versatility in lenses and lenses are the key. A good 500mm lense will cost you about $1500.00 US. Every circumstance or potential encounter will require adjustments in your camera equipment and you have to be able to "go with the flow". Will you ever need a 500mm lense? Probably not, unless you're photographing a tick eating dinner from a football field away, but you do need to invest in a variety of lenses and have them available.

I won't even go into nightime photography, don't do it because it's a waste of time.

B&H has an excellent selection for most, if not all applications:

Don't get me started on "trailcams".

So, STOP WITH THE BLOBSQUATCHES ALREADY and get some serious gear--If you're a serious Bigfoot Hunter.

Local environmental group opposes harm to Bigfoot Habitat

Happy Valley group concerned school will harm Bigfoot habitat


A local environmental group has vowed to stop construction of a new Coweta elementary school, claiming the work will destroy the habitat of a Bigfoot-like creature known as the Happy Valley Horror.
"The Board of Education of Coweta County is going to build a new elementary school on Jim Starr Road and forever change our quiet country life," said Michael Bright, head of the newly-formed group Save The Happy Valley Horror (STHVH).

"My concern is that this area is known to be the home of the infamous and rare Happy Valley Horror," Bright said. "The Horror has been seen by several residents recently and is the only one known to exist. If this habitat is disturbed it will surely mean the demise of a truly unique part of Coweta County's history. Please help us stop this travesty by alerting concerned citizens before it's too late."

The Horror was first reported in 2005 when a resident mailed the Times-Herald anonymously to say he had seen what he described as "an enormous, very hairy" beast walking upright in a field on Happy Valley Circle.

The letter went on to say, "It scared me to death!" and concluded by asking if anyone else had reported seeing something resembling... "a Bigfoot."

After the first sighting, The Times-Herald launched an investigation. A possible indication of an environmental intruder was a recently-noted shortage of armadillos in the area. Armadillos are suspected to be a favorite food of Bigfeet.

A Happy Valley Circle resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Times-Herald, "I used to dodge armadillos every week just driving home from work. But not any more."

Research also indicated most Bigfoot sightings occur near a stream or other body of water. Lake Redwine, located on Happy Valley Circle, offers enough water to support a large Bigfoot population -- but at the time, Lake Redwine residents had not reported seeing large, hairy creatures, except for the resident who caused a stir when he was spotted walking home late at night from a Davy Crockett Day party wearing a large coonskin hat.

"You see a big hairy head like that, what are you supposed to think?" asked the resident who reported the sighting. "Even at Lake Redwine you don't see stuff like that."

The Times-Herald also interviewed Coweta County EMS and 911 director Eddie Ball.

"We haven't heard a thing about a Bigfoot," said Ball. "And I'm glad, because that last thing sure did stir up a fuss."

The "last thing" referred to by Ball is the Belt Road Booger, which Ball is actually credited with naming. Years ago, lawmen and emergency personnel were flooded with reports of a large, hairy, two-legged critter roaming the Belt Road area on Newnan's west side, scaring residents half to death.

The Booger has not been reported since the Clinton Administration, but research shows that Bigfoot-type creatures have been spotted in Georgia over the years, including one just south of Griffin.

Since the 2005 incident The Times-Herald has been in contact with the Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization and the Bigfoot Research Organization. No new Coweta sightings have been reported, although a woman said her super-sized underwear kept disappearing from her clothesline.

STHVH leader Bright says the lack of contacts probably means the beast has found a new location where it can breed and watch SportsCenter unmolested. Bright believes if the school is built, The Horror will lose its last refuge and possibly, its life.

"This would be a crime of the magnitude of the Tennessee River snail darter and the western spotted owl," Bright says. "Global Warming has already killed thousands, maybe millions of species. But nobody cares because they're mostly bugs. This one is different. It has a fur coat. And it must be saved."

Coweta school board officials would not comment, citing privacy concerns about future students at the planned school, including possible offspring of the Horror who might qualify for the pre-K program.

Bright said donations to pay for legal fees and pizza are being accepted. They are not tax-deductible, but Bright said, "donations are way cool anyway."

Those wishing to contribute may write Bright for instructions at 329 Jim Starr Road, Newnan, GA 30263.

"People talk about wanting to save the world," Bright says. "Why not start right here at home. It may be a Horror, but it's our Horror and it deserves to be saved."

H/T: Newnan Times-Herald