Saturday, August 16, 2008

BF Tracker's Hometown Newspaper Reports........

Clayton men offer shaky Bigfoot 'evidence,' more promises

By Daniel Silliman

In a room full of reporters, with a world-wide audience waiting to hear what they had to say, two Clayton County men, who claim to have the corpse of a Bigfoot, didn't deliver the evidence they promised would shock the world. Instead, backed by their controversial, California partner, they continued making claims, with a couple of fuzzy photos -- and more promises.

Tom Biscardi, a professional Bigfoot searcher, who has been associated with a number of hoaxes and money-making stunts, said the alleged Bigfoot body was as real as the skeptical reporters. He said Matthew Whitton, a Clayton County police officer on medical leave, and Whitton's friend, Rick Dyer, a tow truck driver, who once worked as a correctional officer, wouldn't be part of a hoax.

"Do you think these fellows would come this far and put their reputations and their jobs on the line, if they didn't have what they say they have?" Biscardi said.

At the end of Friday's press conference in California, however, that claim -- that this was all too crazy to be a con -- seemed to be the strongest "evidence" the three men had.

They have claimed they have the dead body of seven-foot-seven, 500-pound ape-man, with 16-inch feet and a lot of reddish-brown hair. A photo was released on Tuesday, supposedly showing the animal, dethawed in a freezer. The image was met with some skepticism and suspicion, some smugness, and a willingness to wait, see, and to say "maybe," until the evidence was unveiled.

The unveiled evidence consisted of:

• A photo of woods, with what looks like an upright black spot or a solitary, shadow-cloaked figure. Biscardi called this "a bipedal creature."

• A photo of jutting, upper teeth and a flat tongue, sticking out at the viewer.

• Alleged DNA results from a scientist in Minnesota, reporting three tests, one showing an inconclusive gene sequence, one showing a human gene sequence, and one showing an opossum gene sequence.

Loren Coleman, the author of a number of Bigfoot books, who has closely followed Biscardi and watched what he has skeptically called the "Georgia Gorilla" discovery, described the press conference as a carnival show.

"Biscardi is a Las Vegas promoter and a showman, and he's doing it again," Coleman said. "That's what he's really good at. It's like, 'Would you like to come into my tent? I'll show you this one picture. Isn't that interesting? Pay me to see more.'"

The three men claimed there will be an autopsy next week, and more research results coming soon. The Associated Press reported that the 45-minute press conference was attended by several hundred skeptical journalists and a man in a Chewbacca suit. When Biscardi was asked how much money he hoped to make off the Bigfoot body, he said, "As much as I possibly can."

The man reportedly attempted to raise $1.5 million for a Bigfoot hunting expedition in 2004, claimed to have captured a live one in 2005, when he started selling pay-per-view subscriptions on his web site, and then, backed out with a claim he had been hoaxed by "a crazy lady."

"He's already gone through several hoaxes," Coleman said. "We always say, 'This is the end of Biscardi. He's never coming back.' I mean, the man has nine lives."

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization, a group that attempts to verify Bigfoot sightings, issued a release calling the whole thing a hoax, calling Biscardi a "sleazy vulture."

"The purpose of this grand ruse," the release claims, "is to attract lots of attention to himself ... to hold the attention of the mass media while he arranges various deals for documentaries, books, etc."

Coleman thinks Whitton and Dyer may have actually discovered something, and then got suckered by the experienced scam artist. He also thinks it's possible they were running some scam, promoting their web site with videos and hoping to sell T-shirts and ball caps, when Biscardi came in and escalated the enterprise.

The Bigfoot Field Research Operators suggest that Biscardi may have set the whole thing up, but then back down and say Whitton and Dyer were running their own ruse when they got assistance from an expert.

The two men's story has changed constantly since they started their Bigfoot tracking business in June. In early YouTube videos, the animal was supposedly shot by a former felon, and the two men tracked it into the woods. In a second story, they were on a Bigfoot search, looking for a "family of Bigfoot" they claim to have seen in the North Georgia mountains. In a third version, they were just hiking and found it, apparently dead of open wounds.

In the hotel on Friday, Whitton said he didn't even believe in Bigfoot and it was just luck, though he continues to describe himself as "the best Bigfoot tracker in the world."

H/T: Clayton News Daily

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot Press Conference

Well, I watched the Bigfoot News conference today and really didn't come away with anymore information than that which has been speculated and distributed over the various forums and blogs covering this topic for the last week or so.
I'm not going to focus on the verbal content because most of us have heard "the story" a few times.

I think most of us were not too surprosed by the DNA results which reportedly resulted in one test showing "unknown"(inconclusive), the second showing "human" and the third reportedly showing "opossum". Nothing earth shattering here, right?

Then came the "new" photo releases. A closeup reportedly showing the teeth and tongue of the creature and a not-so-closeup-at-all photo of something hairy in a clump of trees and foliage, which was touted as being a clear photo of the bipedal creature standing upright. I was not impressed but then I have to wait until one of the news agencies sees fit to post the two photos on the internet.

As expected, all of the major Bigfoot sites, blogs and forums have had meltdowns due to excessive traffic. I'm just a small fish in a big pond and I feel pretty good about that, right about now.

I have yet to find a major network who has posted the video of the press conference or a youtuber who has uploaded a recording. CNN only showed a few minutes of the broadcast on air before they directed viewers to go to their site for the rest of it.

I will update this posting over the next few hours as information is accessed and available.



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dr. Meldrum Offers his insight on the GA Bigfoot

Dr. J. Meldrum is probably one of the most respected researchers in the field of "Bigfoot-ology" and evidence analyzation. Below are a few excerpts of an interview with him posted today.

What do you think of this announcement of a bigfoot body being found in Georgia?

I'm extremely skeptical about this bigfoot claim. I've had interactions with Tom Biscardi [the bigfoot hunter holding the press conference] in the past, and based on that history, I would say that anything he is involved in is suspect. The fact that the two Georgian men [who said they found the body] turned to him and not anyone with scientific credentials is very questionable.

So what is the story with the Sasquatch DNA evidence?

All the rumors about the bigfoot DNA results are just that: rumors. I spoke to Curtis Nelson (a biologist from the University of Minnesota) who is doing the DNA tests, and he all he could say is that there are no results yet—he can't say anything more due to a nondisclosure agreement. Apparently Curt just received a vial of tissue in the mail, and there's no chain of custody, no validation that this tissue came from the corpse in question. Since there is no known Sasquatch material to compare it to, he may just end up with a sequence that doesn't match any other primates, at best.

You can continue reading this edited transcript posted at the Scientific American site.
My opinion? There is no reason whatsoever not to include Dr. Meldrum in the examination of this "body". I would recommend to the involved parties to get Meldrum on board quickly, if there is any validity to this incident.

Bigfoot Live Broadcast 08-13-08

This show was very interesting in that Tom Biscardi had Dyer, Whitton and Steve Kulls on air. Biscardi, Dyer and Whitton reaffirmed that they will be present for the press conference tommorrow "100%". Biscardi and Kulls also discussed Matt Moneymaker on a level that would have resulted in Biscardi threatening to sue had it been about him, in my opinion. You are never the bigger, more clever man when you have to resort to insults, name calling and insinuations. The boys and Biscardi addressed the "costume" issue and denied that the picture released was anything but the real creature, which caused me to raise an eyebrow for about the one hundredth time since this all began. I hope you all enjoy listening and remember one thing, RIGHT NOW there are only three people for certain who know exactly whether this "plane" is gonna fly..........or crash and burn!
I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tom Biscardi interview on Fox News

Here's the Biscardi interview on FOX this morning, Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SFB Posts new Bigfoot Photo

The searchingforbigfoot site has posted an exciting and sure to be controversial photo. It appears that they DO IN FACT HAVE ONE!

From Cryptomundo

The following information is posted at Cryptomundo:

"I feel, in all honesty, this, indeed, may be the real deal, and I say this carefully after reviewing information that has been shared privately with me. I cannot say more yet. But people will be very surprised." ~ Loren Coleman


**Note the change in location for the press conference:

August 12, 2008
DNA evidence and photo evidence to be presented at a
to be held on
Date: Friday, August 15, 2008
Time: From 12Noon-1:00pm
Place: Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto (A Crown Plaza Resort) 4290 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California 94306

Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. Menlo Park, California
Tom Biscardi, CEO



A body that may very well be the body of the creature commonly known as “Bigfoot” has been found in the woods in northern Georgia.

DNA evidence and photo evidence of the creature will be presented in a press conference on Friday, August 15th from 12 Noon to 1:00pm at the Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto at 4290 El Camino Real in Palo Alto, California, 94306. The press conference will not be open to the public. It will only be open to credentialed members of the press.
Here are some of the vital statistics on the “Bigfoot” body:
*The creature is seven feet seven inches tall.
*It weighs over five hundred pounds.
*The creature looks like it is part human and part ape-like.
*It is male.
*It has reddish hair and blackish-grey eyes.
*It has two arms and two legs, and five fingers on each hand and
five toes on each foot.
*The feet are flat and similar to human feet.
*Its footprint is sixteen and three-quarters inches long and five and three-quarters inches wide at the heel.
*From the palm of the hand to the tip of the middle finger, its hands are
eleven and three-quarters inches long and six and one-quarter inches wide.
*The creatures walk upright. (Several of them were sighted on the same day that the body was found.)
*The teeth are more human-like than ape-like.
*DNA tests are currently being done and the current DNA and photo evidence will be presented at the press conference on Friday, August 15th.

Bigfoot Tracker's site announces Press Conference

The Bigfoot Tracker site has announced that DNA and Photo evidence will be presented to members of the media on Friday, August 15, 2008 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California, between 12 noon and 1 pm. This conference will not be open to the public.
They conclude with "are you ready?" and "!!! we told you so !!!".

H/T: jupiter2

Georgia Bigfoot Body Story Gathering Steam Again

With the "release" or some say "leak" of the new BF Tracker photo of "something" in a freezer, there seems to be renewed interest in this story. Cryptomundo's Loren Coleman is once again posting updates about it and this is bringing more folks back to take a look.

The Good folks over at the Bigfoot Forums continue to debate over this story and have since it came out.

Also, the two boys backed by Tom Biscardi are continuing to assert that they have a Body in their possession. Needless to say that opinions range from disbelief to complete amazement that "someone" has actually "captured one".

Let me share with you some things that keep me "on the fence":

Certainly, from the beginning the presentation from the BF Trackers was over-the-top and ridiculous with the insulting videos and the bragging about how they are "The Best Bigfoot Trackers in the World" and so on and so forth.
They have admitted to hoaxing the identity of this "Dr. Van Buren" and this understandibly turned alot of folks off and subsequently resulted in more disbelief and ridicule.
Whitton's statement about being in this field for a long time was in direct opposition to Dyer's interview statement that they had no prior interest or experience before the discovery of this body.

I can certainly empathize with all of the folks who are skeptical and do not believe them, BUT since the very beginning they have maintained that they have a "Body" and "Corpse". Everytime I hear or see them make that statement, I get the same eerie feeling I got when I saw the Patterson footage for the first time. It's just an uneasy gut feeling that there is "something" to this. Steve Kulls involvement also lends some credence to the Trackers' claim and the fact that Biscardi immediately had all the involved folks apparently sign a non-disclosure document is also suspicious. Has he ever gone this far? It's a fair question. Has Kulls ever gone this far?
They MUST know something out of the ordinary has happened.............and I keep coming back to the fact that these two Trackers will not let up on the claim that they have a Bigfoot body, knowing that they will be ridiculed forever if it's a hoax. Now they have released one photo of the alleged Body--which again gives me that eerie feeling.

Maybe I'm biased because I would like to think that this discovery will or has occured here in Georgia........but I don't think that's it. Your comments are welcomed as always.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Squatch Radio Show and Crypto's Breaking News

Kulls makes a few brief references to the BF Trackers "evidence" and eludes to the possibility that new information may be released by the end of this week. The rest of the show is pretty entertaining also. I've included it below for your listening pleasure:

Also, The good folks over at Cryptomundo have apparently decided to start covering BF Tracker news again.
They have some interesting photo enlargements of one of the alleged BF Tracker photos.

The Georgia Bigfoot Team

I ran across these guys at youtube on the recommendation of a good friend. The Georgia Bigfoot Team is out there doing ground level work in Georgia and making some very interesting finds. Please take a moment and look at what they've got going:

Keep up the great work guys and we'll be checking in on you!

Update at the BF Tracker Site

Thanks to "jupiter2" for keeping track of the changes to the BF Tracker site .
Looks like Biscardi took a photo "op" with the boys while he was down here for "the meeting".
They have also posted a video (I think it was their first one) on the page under the "BIGFOOT" button, so that was certainly entertaining- look under the photo on that page and click the "film reel" icon........The "Knight Rider theme music has been replaced also.
There is now a link from Biscardi's group to BF Trackers.
Whether you believe it, want to believe, or flat out think that it cannot be possible, these are certainly entertaining times. Please feel free to comment with any updates that you run across on this matter, because as always, they will be welcomed.

The boys just uploaded a video of still photos to youtube: