Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ohio Grassman on MonsterQuest

Excellent MonsterQuest episode on the Ohio Grassman and Don Keating's operation:

Two Bigfoot Research Organizations "Kick it Up a Knotch"

In almost every field of research there are those that simply poke along and are content to follow the path that has been carved out for them by their predecessors.

Then there are those who make their own path...............

Two such commited organizations are the TBRC (Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy) and the VBRO (Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization).

Since 2006, The TBRC have been operating a long term remote camera trap operation, called Operation Forest Vigil. I am personally not an advocate of these trail cam setups, however this organization seems to be commited to following through with a PLAN and that is the "Meat and Potatoes" of every successful endeavor. I wish them all the best and I encourage everyone to check out their site and the wealth of information included. I'm willing to bet you'll never see these guys posting a "Blobsquatch"!

In 1995, William Dranginis (VBRO) had a sighting of a Bigfoot Creature while metal detecting with friends in the forests near Culpeper Virginia and has since then dedicated his free time and efforts to capturing video and or audio evidence as proof of the creatures existence. Since that time he has purchased a 24 foot mobile veterinary unit and converted it into the worlds only Bigfoot Research Lab. Bill spent over $50,000 to outfit the vehicle with state-of-the-art gear, most of it custom built. He mounted a Raytheon NightSight 200 thermal camera on a 25-foot-tall crank up mast that could detect an animal in the dark 800 yards away. The vehicle also had two night-vision scopes, a surface-to-aircraft radio, and TV monitors that can combine images from roof-mounted video cams into one 360-degree view, or receive feeds from remote cams in the woods.

Bill sold the Bigfoot Research vehicle to purchase a more permanent Bigfoot research station in the hills of West Virginia. Bill is a highly respected researcher in the field and will be discussing his latest creation, the "EyeGotcha" Digital Video surveillance system. This system is virtually sound proof and can be deployed in the forests for long periods of time. The camera captures full motion video and audio that can be uploaded to a computer for later analysis.

I encourage everyone to visit Bill's site and to check back for updates to his on going operations and innovative technological advances in detection gear.

Organizations like these two are the "Cream of the Crop" because of the level of commitment, persistance and the character of the individuals involved.

Your comments are always welcomed and if you know of any other groups that are striving for excellence in Bigfoot Research then please let us know.

2008 East Coast Bigfoot Conference

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society is hosting the 2008 East Coast Bigfoot conference this Saturday (Sept. 27, 2008).
Reserved seats are sold out but General Admission is still available.
Just follow this link for further information:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BFRO Investigator obtains first thermal footage (very brief) outside Phillips

Let me preface this post by letting you know ahead of time, that this supposed "thermal image" of the "big hairy one" has pretty much been diffused by the bright folks over at the BFF, however you can read the full report here at the BFRO site.

My opinion?

A "Thermo-Blobsquatch" is of no more use than a "Blob-squatch"............NEXT!

SasquatchWatch Radio

I'm posting these two back-to-back, due to my being out of town. Give these two shows a listen, they are great. Don Keating and Luke Gross (from the Northeast Texas Bigfoot Research) are the guests. Billy and DBD continue to put forth a relevant and informative show.

Don Keating:

Luke Gross:

Patterson-Gimlin Film...........41 years later

October 20, 2008 will be Forty One Years since the historic PGF was taken. I say "historic" because even in the face of all the hoaxes, blobsquatches and Ray Wallace types, No one has been able to recreate or even convincingly explain "How" what is seen on this film was achieved, if it was a hoax.

By today's standards, with all of the CGI programs and artists available, that's still an astounding feat.

Science takes a cold, no nonsence and in most cases an unfortunetly pessimistic approach to the subject of Bigfoot. We, as layman, should not blame these scientists because they are correct in their conclusion that this species cannot and will not be legitimized as such without a specimen, i.e. Body, corpse, etc...

What is needed?


Our mission, as a community of researchers and layman, must be to secure financial backing for prolonged field research. We need to do more in exploring Government Grant opportunities.
In order to do that, we need to have tangible "standards" such as data collection and networking for the sake of information exchange. Quite honestly, I have seen little to none of this.

In my opinion this is where the REAL focus should be. Not on some, well meaning weekend camping trip(s).

We can post all of the Camera traps we want, take all the video and photos and footprint casts we want, but to what end? Do we believe that this will somehow PROVE this creature's existence to a skeptical world?

Absolutely not!