Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bigfoot in Georgia

Although a majority of Bigfoot sightings in the United States have occured in the Pacific Northwest, there have been documented sightings here in the state of Georgia as well. The BFRO site has a data base of sightings which includes Georgia and shows some recent activity. Coincidentalty, or not, the area in Georgia which shows the most activity is White County. This includes the city of Helen and the surrounding area, where the infamous "GA Boys" claimed to have found their "body".

Another area of Georgia, which has garnered national attention, is Elkins Creek in Pike County, south of Atlanta. It was here that Pike County Sheriff's Deputy James Akin found an impression in a flood plain. A detailed account of this discovery can be found on the Georgia Bigfoot site
The subsequent cast was sent to Dr. Meldrum and from there to latent fingerprint expert, Jimmy Chilcutt. He examined the cast and found what he believed to contain dermal ridges. You can view his report here.
Chilcutt more recently appears to be distancing himself from the BF community in light of experiments showing that the "dermal ridges" may in fact be "dessecation ridges"

Each year there are many more sightings in Georgia but most do not get officially reported for various reasons, not the least of which include the fear of being ridiculed by the general public.
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