Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Patterson-Gimlin Film...........41 years later

October 20, 2008 will be Forty One Years since the historic PGF was taken. I say "historic" because even in the face of all the hoaxes, blobsquatches and Ray Wallace types, No one has been able to recreate or even convincingly explain "How" what is seen on this film was achieved, if it was a hoax.

By today's standards, with all of the CGI programs and artists available, that's still an astounding feat.

Science takes a cold, no nonsence and in most cases an unfortunetly pessimistic approach to the subject of Bigfoot. We, as layman, should not blame these scientists because they are correct in their conclusion that this species cannot and will not be legitimized as such without a specimen, i.e. Body, corpse, etc...

What is needed?


Our mission, as a community of researchers and layman, must be to secure financial backing for prolonged field research. We need to do more in exploring Government Grant opportunities.
In order to do that, we need to have tangible "standards" such as data collection and networking for the sake of information exchange. Quite honestly, I have seen little to none of this.

In my opinion this is where the REAL focus should be. Not on some, well meaning weekend camping trip(s).

We can post all of the Camera traps we want, take all the video and photos and footprint casts we want, but to what end? Do we believe that this will somehow PROVE this creature's existence to a skeptical world?

Absolutely not!

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Anonymous said...

I was just on this bigfoot website...i think it was www.pattersonfilm.com debating the Patterson film. After reading some of the perspectives on the subject, I am absolutely convinced there is no way you could make a monkey suit that good back in the sixties. Look at all the newer cruddy supposed bigfoot films on youtube. It is 40 years later, and no one can replicate the Patterson Gimlin film even close.