Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sasquatch Watch Radio

Billy Willard's new radio show seems to be off and running. I missed his initial debut broadcast but I listened to the episode from last night (09-08-08) posted below and I must say it was well done.
I'm glad Billy's decided to continue being an informed and informative source in the BF community and I know that he'll maintain the level of integrity required to remain a viable resource to all listeners. The fact that he's cut all professional ties with the "Hoax Crew" is a big plus in my book.

Enjoy the show:


Billy Willard said...

I wanted to thank you for those fine comments about our new show and about me. I hope to be able and continue bringing great guests on the show. If anyone has any suggestions for guests including encounter witnesses, I would love to bring them on the show.

Thank you!
Billy Willard

Southern Bigfoot said...

Thank You Billy, for being a Stand Up Guy who really cares about this field and ALL those involved.