Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's talk Bigfoot interview with Paulides and Pratt

"Let's talk Bigfoot", a lively little internet broadcast hosted by Teresa Hall and Kathy Strain (AIBR), aired an interview with David Paulides and Harvey Pratt on Dec. 17, 2008.
I've included it below and it's the perfect companion to the Hoopa Project book. Go to the past episodes button on the widget player and select (click the arrow twice) "David Paulides and Harvey Pratt interview". It's an inside look into their research process for the book. Enjoy and as always your comments are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I heard this show and thought it was well done.

Anonymous said...

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The Blue Cat said...

Hello! I came to this page from a link on David Paulides' NABS website, the page listing radio shows.
Your post says "Go to the past episodes button on the widget player and select (click the arrow twice) "David Paulides and Harvey Pratt interview". "
But I can't find a past episodes button at all ... am I looking right at the button??
Or perhaps by chance is this interview up on YouTube somewhere that I could access it? (If you were to upload it, you'd get TONS of views off it, guaranteed!)