Monday, January 5, 2009

Sasquatch Watch Radio's Guest "Erick" of Georgia

Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately folks, but work's been a bear.

I tuned in to Billy Willard and DBD's show on 12/29/08 to listen to their interview with a guy named "Erick" from Georgia. Well, since I'm in Georgia it naturally peaked my curiosity. Let me briefly summarize some of the interview as I heard it:
"Erick" moved here from South Dade County Florida, where he allegedly had his first encounter. It went something like he and a friend were playing "ninja" stealth games near a strip mall when he heard something...etc...and makes reference to it possibly being a BF. This supposedly occured in 1992 or 1994 and I don't know if it was ever reported but could find no record of it at the BFRO database.

Fast forward, He moves to Georgia (specifically the Plunketts Rd area in Buford, Georgia--see the map link below) and at some point in August of 1999, has another encounter involving "very loud deep shrieks". This incident was apparently reported to the BFRO but not until March 01, 2007? A week or so after this alleged incident, he claims to have had a sighting of what he thought was a guy in a Ghillie suit (A Sniper's field garb, look it up) and later decided it was probably a BF. I found no follow up anywhere about THIS incident. Apparently, he decided just to include this bit of information on the radio program.
For Billy and DBD's part, they did a good job of just letting this chap talk away and sometimes it's best to let folks do just that, because it's a picture into their thought process. I didn't buy a minute of this guy's stories but I'll let you folks decide for yourselves. No photos or any other supporting evidence that any of this ever occured. He even admits that his wife didn't believe him.
This is just a rapid review of the interview and you really should listen to the tales he tells.

If I had one suggestion to make to the good folks at Sasquatch Watch Radio, it would be to consistently give the listeners a back story on their guests. Quite frankly, I don't know anything about this guy "Erick" making these claims, other than the fact that he works as a metal fabricator.
I've included a map of the area and the corresponding BFRO report links:

BFRO Report

MAP of the Area


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