Monday, August 4, 2008

BF Tracker site video update, of sorts

I checked the BF Tracker website today and they have updated the front page video with some still photos of a wooded area, presumably some that they took during this incident. I can make out the faintest hint of something in some of the stills but these photos are not any more intriguing than most of the other "partial hairy something behind a tree" photos that most of us have seen.....they claim that these are just the tip of the Iceberg. They sure know how to build suspense.......or tension depending on how you look at it.
If they're bluffing then it's certainly being given a 100% effort.
I welcome your thoughts and opinions.
I have included the link to their website for the purpose of sharing this information with you.

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Anonymous said...

Why not post the video, or pics now, save the stiff for the "grand finale"