Sunday, August 3, 2008

The events according to the Bigfoot Trackers

Hiking north of Helen GA, found deceased body of a Bigfoot.
Reportedly started filming after discovery and photographed a live BF also.
Time of death estimated at approx. 48 hours prior to discovery.
Reportedly 8' 8" tall, male, 400 to 600 lbs covered in red hair.
Body observed to have wounds, one in the lower right abdomin.
Dragged by six people 7 miles which took about 1 1/2 days, while being "watched".
Body being stored in a 10 ft freezer.

Dyer was interviewed on squatchdetective radio show and states the body is already sold for 10 million dollars to an undisclosed person(s).
Body to be revealed Sept 1, 2008.
Extends open invitation to Steve Kulls and Tom Biscardi to come see what they have.

On Biscardi's show, Dyer and Whitton confirm that the discovery was documented by video and photographs. Biscardi makes the statement that he's glad the body was not sold for 10 million dollars.(WTF?)

On August 1, 2008, Biscardi was reportedly allowed to extract DNA from the body.............and has made no statement yet.
I really hope the past isn't going to repeat itself.

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Anonymous said...

You just gotta see this:

Whitton and Dyer's business, Bigfoot Global LLC, might really be nothing more than a tow truck company in Georgia.