Sunday, August 3, 2008

While we're waiting on some news about "The Body"

I thought I'd do a little research about some edible plants, in the area of North Georgia that the boys say they found the expired bipedal hominid.............
because you know it's like the Checkers commercial says: "Ya Gotta Eat!"
Here's a list of some of the plants that Mr. Foot might have been dining on when he was still vertically mobile:

Lambs Quarters
Prickly pear cactus
Sheep sorrel
Water lily and lotus
Wild onion and garlic
Wild rose
Wood sorrel
Wild Sorrel
Wild Grape

Now that's a whole heap of available vegetation but I'd have to guess that Mr. Foot would probably enjoy some wild critters too. Maybe some deer, opposum, rabbit, fish, etc...
These Bigfoots (or is it Bigfeet?) probably spend a majority of their time looking for food to maintain those tremendous physiques. Hell, I need at least 2500 calories a day to charge my batteries and get me motivated. These Bigfoots (feet) must need at least 3 times that or more, don't you think?


jupiter2 said...

I noticed that inconsistency with Biscardi taking about the Bigfoot not being sold also, but haven't heard it mentioned anywhere else.
What the heck is going on? Why the complete blackout of info?
Now Steve Kulls has removed almost all reference to this from his site. No update from Biscardi. Bigfoottracker YouTube videos disappearing.
I hate to say it, but did Biscardi and Kulls find out that the whole thing is a big scam?
Or did they find out that it is true and are too shaken to comment?

What the heck is going on??

Southern Bigfoot said...

Hello Jupiter2 and welcome.
Biscardi is a questionable character- as you probably already know, but I've been listening to Kulls for quite awhile now and I believe he is of good moral character. As you state, it's either one of two things:
It's either a scam, and Biscardi doesn't need to have his name attached to even one more---OR---
Those two have what they say they have! If it's a scam, it would be in Biscardi's best interest to go ahead and blow the whistle and save what little credibility he has left(IMO)....And I would certainly expect Kulls to immediately discredit these two.
I can't help but wonder if Kulls AND Biscardi have already met with the Trackers.
I don't understand why the videos are being removed either, because if nothing else- they were humorous. Maybe Biscardi, Kulls, their attorney, or the combination advised these two that they need to remove them.
I guess we will all know soon enough. I do have some contacts that know one of the Trackers, so I'll be digging to see what if anything I can find out.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is like a long soap opera

Anonymous said...

Wild onion and garlic! Could that explain that special "skunk ape" smell?