Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot Live Broadcast 08-13-08

This show was very interesting in that Tom Biscardi had Dyer, Whitton and Steve Kulls on air. Biscardi, Dyer and Whitton reaffirmed that they will be present for the press conference tommorrow "100%". Biscardi and Kulls also discussed Matt Moneymaker on a level that would have resulted in Biscardi threatening to sue had it been about him, in my opinion. You are never the bigger, more clever man when you have to resort to insults, name calling and insinuations. The boys and Biscardi addressed the "costume" issue and denied that the picture released was anything but the real creature, which caused me to raise an eyebrow for about the one hundredth time since this all began. I hope you all enjoy listening and remember one thing, RIGHT NOW there are only three people for certain who know exactly whether this "plane" is gonna fly..........or crash and burn!
I welcome your thoughts and comments.


Anonymous said...

I also listened last night. Maybe they are being hoaxed and don’t know it? I think they truly believe they have a body. I am staying optimistic. I just wish everyone would stop talking like it’s the freekin WWE. That’s why I like your blog. Thanks keep it up!

jupiter2 said...

From Steve Kulls' Blog!

An Appeal For Calm

Written 2 hours ago by Squatchdetective
You know it's very interesting to see the community spin like this. And boy the name call is flying. Insinuations etc...etc.

The bottom line here is that what's going on is SPECULATION.

I'm the kind of guy that likes to get his hands dirty. And yes this puts me sometimes in the middle of things, and none as big as this.

First we have two guys from Georgia, who say they have a body.

Then we have Tom Biscardi, who says..yes they have a body.

Hmmm...what could possibly be the end game if this were a hoax? Civil Litigation? Criminal Litigation? (that's an in the know item there folks) I struggle to see a police officer putting himself in this predicament. And he is no rookie on the job either.

Its a no-win situation for all the parties involved. And I've always been one to rationalize all the possible scenarios.

Tom Biscardi, has put his head on the chopping block by saying there is a body, but it would be a death blow to him and his company if it were not true. Do you see any "pay-per-view" items coming? No.

We'd be remiss to say that the fellas from Georgia went on local Media two weeks before the first appearance on Squatchdetective Radio. And very calmly and sedately, without rhetoric said they have a body.

We'd be remiss to say there's a lot of rhetoric that went on in the weeks after. However the rhetorical videos were shut down after Tom Biscardi's intervention.

People do not know what to think. People have surmised this a hoax based on a picture.

Well isn't that what we've all said that cannot be done to prove anything?
Why have people already started debunking a press conference that hasn't happened yet? Isn't that what we accuse skeptics of doing that poo-poo the idea of the existence of the creature?. Why the hypocrisy? Because it's popular?

Yep there's only one thing to do.....and I'm doing it....I'm gonna see for myself. And that is definitive proof. Its the only thing to do here, and its the right thing to do here.

And if tomorrow you see a press conference with three guys on it and hear nothing of "the body disappearing", maybe that IS an ominous sign that what everyone is saying cannot be possible can be.

I call it like I see it without BS because I would not stake my integrity or reputation on any call either way without solid, rock solid evidence.

Seeing is believing, or disbelieving for that matter.

And Monday on Squatchdetective Radio, the community and world shall know what the Squatchdetective saw.

Yes there are things I know that no one else knows and it's close to the vest including attempts by one group that has attempted and attempted to get access including the use of an undercover operative. And when they got shut out, they cried hoax, saying they've proven it but provide no evidence. That in of itself maybe a telling sign. But who knows?

The final thing to do is ... see for myself.

And Monday y'all will hear it from me on Squatchdetective Radio.

Till Monday,


Southern Bigfoot said...

- Thanks for the kind words. I do find this forum is a little less frantic and that's never a bad thing.

- Thanks jupiter2, saw it, was getting ready to post a link on the blog and then saw your post. As usual, your timely input is greatly appreciated.

jupiter2 said...

Again, maybe wishful thinking, but I do believe that if you carefully read between the lines you could infer that he may have seen a real body.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need to infer between the lines? If they just quit with the juvenile schoolyard rumor mill I know something you don't know crap..... this BS would not be crashing websites.

They didn't keep it under their belts and hold a press conference and then allow the info to be released appropriately, instead, podcasts, and blogs and posting on forums with people saying "I am in the know" "I have background sources and info", My gosh, how juvenile can it get in an adult world?