Monday, August 11, 2008

Update at the BF Tracker Site

Thanks to "jupiter2" for keeping track of the changes to the BF Tracker site .
Looks like Biscardi took a photo "op" with the boys while he was down here for "the meeting".
They have also posted a video (I think it was their first one) on the page under the "BIGFOOT" button, so that was certainly entertaining- look under the photo on that page and click the "film reel" icon........The "Knight Rider theme music has been replaced also.
There is now a link from Biscardi's group to BF Trackers.
Whether you believe it, want to believe, or flat out think that it cannot be possible, these are certainly entertaining times. Please feel free to comment with any updates that you run across on this matter, because as always, they will be welcomed.

The boys just uploaded a video of still photos to youtube:


Anonymous said...

Do these clowns look like the type that would shoot their own foot off if you gave them a gun or what?

Southern Bigfoot said...

They didn't seem to be the "brightest bulbs in the pack" when they first presented themselves. It is interesting to see some key members of the Bigfoot community (Loren Coleman for one) coming back around to see what's up with this newest release though. Personally, I guess I'm sort of like alot of others in that I'm on the fence about this issue. I get the same sort of feeling from this that I got the very first time I saw the Patterson footage, kind of an eerie feeling that something is definitely "up".