Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot Body Story Gathering Steam Again

With the "release" or some say "leak" of the new BF Tracker photo of "something" in a freezer, there seems to be renewed interest in this story. Cryptomundo's Loren Coleman is once again posting updates about it and this is bringing more folks back to take a look.

The Good folks over at the Bigfoot Forums continue to debate over this story and have since it came out.

Also, the two boys backed by Tom Biscardi are continuing to assert that they have a Body in their possession. Needless to say that opinions range from disbelief to complete amazement that "someone" has actually "captured one".

Let me share with you some things that keep me "on the fence":

Certainly, from the beginning the presentation from the BF Trackers was over-the-top and ridiculous with the insulting videos and the bragging about how they are "The Best Bigfoot Trackers in the World" and so on and so forth.
They have admitted to hoaxing the identity of this "Dr. Van Buren" and this understandibly turned alot of folks off and subsequently resulted in more disbelief and ridicule.
Whitton's statement about being in this field for a long time was in direct opposition to Dyer's interview statement that they had no prior interest or experience before the discovery of this body.

I can certainly empathize with all of the folks who are skeptical and do not believe them, BUT since the very beginning they have maintained that they have a "Body" and "Corpse". Everytime I hear or see them make that statement, I get the same eerie feeling I got when I saw the Patterson footage for the first time. It's just an uneasy gut feeling that there is "something" to this. Steve Kulls involvement also lends some credence to the Trackers' claim and the fact that Biscardi immediately had all the involved folks apparently sign a non-disclosure document is also suspicious. Has he ever gone this far? It's a fair question. Has Kulls ever gone this far?
They MUST know something out of the ordinary has happened.............and I keep coming back to the fact that these two Trackers will not let up on the claim that they have a Bigfoot body, knowing that they will be ridiculed forever if it's a hoax. Now they have released one photo of the alleged Body--which again gives me that eerie feeling.

Maybe I'm biased because I would like to think that this discovery will or has occured here in Georgia........but I don't think that's it. Your comments are welcomed as always.


jupiter2 said...

As I mentioned before in a comment - as ridiculous as the escapades from these guys have been, there is nothing that has occurred to completely rule out the possibility that they actually have what they say they have.

When I see posts by supposed "experts" on forums that just completely dismiss this whole thing as a hoax, it really makes me question some of the people in this field. After all - we are looking for f-ing Sasquatch! How the heck can you be closed-minded and in this field?? To not be willing to entertain possibilities? How is that even compatible? It seems they have created their own dogmatic set of rules, and if something doesn't fit neatly inside those boundaries then they - sometimes condescendingly - dismiss it. I know - it happened to me on a forum for just asking a question about something I thought might be possible. The self-proclaimed "experts" fried me alive!
The more I see this, the more I can actually understand how these Georgia guys may have been inspired to fight back the way they did.
After all, what is the ratio of Bigfoot researchers to just average people who are out in the woods? A million to one? I actually would be shocked if a body was discovered by someone in the Bigfoot field, rather than someone who has no involvement, and was just out there hiking, hunting or on an ATV.

jupiter2 said...

New video at Bigfoottracker.com:
"There will be a press conference on Friday the 15th of August, 2008. DNA evidence and Photographic evidence will be presented. The press conference will take place at the Fairmont Hotel, 950 Mason St. San Francisco, CA. The press conference will not be open to the public. It is only open to members of the press who have credentials."

Southern Bigfoot said...

Great post and I think you hit the nail on the head. I wish some of the researchers in this field would remember that their objectivity is as important as their hard work. These two have been consist about one thing, their proclamation that they have a body. Why the differing stories between Dyer and Whitton? I have a theory, and before anyone gets upset or says I'm making false accusations, hear me out:
It is my OPINION that they probably know exactly how this creature met it's demise, either first hand or second hand. I firmly believe, if they have a body, then they know how it died. This may explain some of the suspicious "events" in their stories about where it was located and how it was removed. It also may explain how, if it's true, they weren't ripped to shreds by the other living Bigfoot(or feet) they claim they photographed and video taped, as they dragged the body out. After watching your fellow Bigfoot get blasted in front of you, one would probably tend to back off or un-ass the area as I like to put it, don't you think?

Southern Bigfoot said...

Thanks, I'll check it out and post it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused by all the excitment. In a previous post, you so wisely pointed out that the words "For Entertainment Purposes Only" appear in small print at the bottom of the "Bigfoot" button on the left of the bigfoottrackers website. And guess what? Just checked and those words are still there. Case closed! Why are you and Loren (and everyone else it seems) suddenly so interested? This is a promotion for some commercial venture and THAT'S THE "REAL" STORY!

Anonymous said...

There's a thread on bigfootforums.com where someone rooted up a costume available online that has all the same features found in the released photograph. This information was also cross-posted on cryptomundo.com.

I don't recall the specific links, but search for it, look at it and judge for yourself.

It seems pretty apparent to me that it is indeed the very same costume, or an identical replica.

Southern Bigfoot said...

-No confusion necessary my friend. I'm simply remaining objective and trying to look at as many possibilities as are available.

-I believe you're referring to the Night Terror Sasquatch costume and yes, I saw it and the various comparisons on several sites. It is very compelling evidence that points toward the fact that they have probably released a picture of a "bogus" body i.e. the costume.
Again, I remain objective because of all the variables and the fact that there are new twists to this story daily.

Anonymous said...

hilarious. Sitting with popcorn as the entertainment unfolds. If Scientists confirm, I will eat popcorn while watching the decimation of yet another species. If it proves to a be a hoax, then I can say I watched it unfold. Either way, good diversion for the entertainment worth. Looking forward to Noon on Friday for the news report.

jay said...

might not be as old as yall but my opinion coincides with one of the comments above but ithink that if big foot was dead it looks as if it a trauma wound in the abdominal area looks like intestons but if thats the case then some thing killed it and if a wild animal killed it such as a carnivore thenit probably would have consumed part of the body so i have come to the conclusion that the reason there sceptical about it is that they must have killed it. not to say they did but they coincidently stumbled upon the body soon after it died because theres no docomposition that i can see