Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot Press Conference

Well, I watched the Bigfoot News conference today and really didn't come away with anymore information than that which has been speculated and distributed over the various forums and blogs covering this topic for the last week or so.
I'm not going to focus on the verbal content because most of us have heard "the story" a few times.

I think most of us were not too surprosed by the DNA results which reportedly resulted in one test showing "unknown"(inconclusive), the second showing "human" and the third reportedly showing "opossum". Nothing earth shattering here, right?

Then came the "new" photo releases. A closeup reportedly showing the teeth and tongue of the creature and a not-so-closeup-at-all photo of something hairy in a clump of trees and foliage, which was touted as being a clear photo of the bipedal creature standing upright. I was not impressed but then I have to wait until one of the news agencies sees fit to post the two photos on the internet.

As expected, all of the major Bigfoot sites, blogs and forums have had meltdowns due to excessive traffic. I'm just a small fish in a big pond and I feel pretty good about that, right about now.

I have yet to find a major network who has posted the video of the press conference or a youtuber who has uploaded a recording. CNN only showed a few minutes of the broadcast on air before they directed viewers to go to their site for the rest of it.

I will update this posting over the next few hours as information is accessed and available.




Anonymous said...

I tried to watch this news conference on FOX. They aired about 45 seconds of it and cut it off. They said they only air real news stories.

Southern Bigfoot said...

I saw that and ended up watching on CNN and CNN online.

Anonymous said...

Trying to give them the bennefit of doubt here..

Who ever set up the interview sure botched it with the "Incredible evidence". What evidence was presented was already on the web, save the new blobsquatch in the woods. Same story repeated again by Whitton.

Experts from Russia are to investigate something that lives in N America?

Poor job...


Anonymous said...

That's noy bigfoot, it's Mr. Ed

Anonymous said...

DITTO on "Mr. Ed"!

The deciduous front incisors of a young equine.
(horse or donkey baby teeth)

- Ann Unknown

Southern Bigfoot said...

-Most of us have been trying to give them the benefit but we have to ask ourselves, "objectively", If we were give a chance to present "to The World" the greatest find of recent times--Would we really have done it in this fashion and with these pictures?

-I'm leaning towards costume teeth which may have been altered, but here again the clarity and definition of the image comes into question.