Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Squatch "D" Self Destructs

As promised here is last night's broadcast:

Kulls claims limited involvement intially and only claims to have introduced the parties. Thanks for "telling it like it is" Steve. He continues by referring to Biscardi as a "certain person" and a "certain individual" and proceeds to play the victim role. Kulls does admit that he was not under any contract or gag order to keep quiet so this is yet another lie he told.
So much for "telling it like it is".
Becky Sawyer "relayed" a few questions to Kulls and he danced around the issues.
Billy Willard hasn't jumped ship yet, so from that we can presume he is fully involved or has a very difficult time making friends. Kulls promises that NEXT Monday he will be "raw and Uncensored" and will answer all questions. He also claims he never met Dyer or Whitton in person but only spoke with them over the phone once or twice. This show was every bit as pathetic as the previous night's show.

On another note, various media outlets have announced that Clayton County Chief of Police Jeff Turner is going forward with termination proceedings against Whitton.

In honor of the GA Boys new found infamy and job loss, here's a video dedication that I know you all will enjoy:


movie buff said...

it was all in good fun, though, right?

Southern Bigfoot said...

-Stick around, I'm sure the fun's not yet over.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Biscardi played SK for a trusting fool it appears. SK sounded genuinely angry about being in the situation, unfortunately damage was already done and there is no out for him that I see. You can't continue to say you will "tell it like it is" if you broke your word before. Action speaks so much louder.

I can go along with the limited involvement theory. I think he beleived so hard, like so many of us wanted it to be true. He should have stuck with his mantra instead of making insinuations as he was being fed them.

At least now we know. I feel for you Steve.

I'm also leaning towards Biscardi being in on the whole deal. I'm new to the Bigfoot world and always go with Trust what you know. I didnt know who he was until now, now I know. His over embelishments played the world, now he seeks to be played the fool so he can get out. His personal claims to have touched, felt.. he knew is all it suggests, Biscardi knew.


Southern Bigfoot said...

-Wheel, Don't feel too bad for Kulls because he knew much more about this than he ever let on, this has been confirmed by folks who deal with him. He sank himself when he continued to defend and make excuses for Biscardi and failed to blow the whistle on the hoax when he claims he found out. The investigation into Biscardi and Kulls isn't over and the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

Had no internet yesterday.. I'm a day late on all this. I'm thinking Steve had a bit more to do with it now also. Apparently there is a YouTube vid placed by Rick/Matt apoligizing for the hoax. Stating that Biscardi was #1 and Kulls #2. There was a #3 but they did not name the individual.

Thanks for the updates you have provided on this blog! It's been more direct and informative on this situation.


Southern Bigfoot said...

-Thank You Wheel!