Friday, August 22, 2008

Steve Kulls issues his time line of events

Here is Kulls' claim of events as posted on his site:



June 16 - Whitton & Dyers site created

July 9 - Whitton states on video that they've recovered a Bigfoot "corpse". Coincidentally after Whitton is released from hospital from being shot.

July 25 - I issue challenge to get them to come on Radio Show

July 28 - Dyer asks me to call him, speak with him. I can't get him to crack, asks who is Tom Biscardi.

July 28 - I put Biscardi in contact with them.

July 28 - Dyer appears on my Radio Show

July 29 - Called and thank Dyer for being on show. Biscardi tells me Dyer stated they sold the "corpse" to the National Enquirer.

July 30 - I find out they did not sell body to National Enquirer as they stated to us personally, and attorney mentioned on radio show knew nothing of a bigfoot body. Biscardi calls me and tells me Dyer and Whitton want him to deal with the body exclusively.

July 30 - Both Whitton and Dyer appear on Biscardi's Radio show

July 31 - I call SFB VP Bob Schmalzbach and tell him I think this is a con, he needs to talk to Biscardi. He tells me to call him. I do get a voicemail. I'll cll in the early AM.


Aug 1 - I call Biscardi and advise him of some revealing information about Dyer, I believe this is a con. Biscardi says he'll get to the bottom of it. Receive a phone call, from Biscardi, wants me to write an interim contract. Tells me he's going to get DNA.

Aug 2 - Biscardi calls and when asked states he cannot speak about what he saw. Calls later saying that he was "Right there when the DNA was cut from the body". States "This thing has incredibly thick skin"

Aug 4 -Contract stated my name as the introductory party as my only involvement. Told that the DNA is being hand delivered to Dr. Curt Nelson


Aug 9 - Biscardi told me that tomorrow he's taking the measurements, and taking pictures.

Aug 10 - Biscardi describes the body, tells me about the eyes, the teeth, and genitalia.

Aug 11 - Biscardi forwards me an email from Dr. Nelson stating the DNA amplification size was consistent with human/ape and was going to be sequenced.

Aug 13 - I was given picture of alleged corpse. I had issues with the body. Biscardi sees my doubts tells asks me if he "would drop 50 large if this wasn't the real thing, I saw it".

Aug 14 - Saw comparisons of pictures to costume. Expressed it to Biscardi who told me he saw it and its not a costume, its the real thing. Crew picks up freezer from Whitton and Dyer, give them $50K. Crew thought it was supposed to be defrosted but they found it frozen. when I heard "corpse" was in transport I buy my plane ticket.

Aug 15 - Depart airport arrive in Indianapolis at 4:10PM EST. In flight during press conference. At Press conference (Palo Alto, Ca) Whitton describes how they cam across "corpse" etc. Biscardi states He touched it, smelled it, felt it amongst other deceptions.

Aug 15 - I am driven to location in Indiana, outside of Muncie in a rural community. There are no TV's however I see a few snippets of Whitton on a computer at the press conference.

Aug 16 - Ice melts to where I can get a hair sample. I examined hairs and determine they are not hairs. We burn it an it balls up into a melted wad, uncharacteristic of hair. We begin speed thaw using a salamander heater, and eventually pull a rubber foot out. Advise Biscardi who is unusually calm about it.

Aug 16 - Biscardi calls (two of the crew and investor are not present at the time) and he wants to fill the freezer up with water, freeze it, release it back to Whitton & Dyer and we'd make a statement that the public pressure was too much on them and they took their body back, and place a gag order on it, never speak of it again. I staunchly object and would not participate in it.

Aug 16 - I talk with Whitton to return the money, he states they don't have it and the only want to deal with Biscardi. Biscardi calls back and claims that Whitton & Dyer will sign a promissory note and confession the next morning before they leave for home. I draw up the documents. I try to be extricated but it would be a great burden on my friends and would place one at risk of safety driving there to pick me up. (Did not want him falling asleep at wheel).

Aug. 17 - Whitton and Dyer left before their scheduled meeting with Biscardi. Biscardi wants press there to expose it as a hoax, I am not able to leave because of this. I prepare a statement. Monday is a no go for home either now.

Aug 18 - Bob Schmalzbach removes many of the separation items in the statement. Media shows up and statement is transmitted. They are angry because of this position of separation.

Aug 18 - Squatchdetective Radio airs I announce the hoax at 10:10 PM, am flooded by several questions about Whitton, Dyer, etc. Last callers lower the boom on Biscardi. I am in the presence of Biscardi's son and close friend, if I agreed on the lying at that point it could have risked me physical harm. Why I responded the way I did by not answering. Not denying either. When asked about Biscardi's complicity, I stated "I don't believe so." At the time I did not. But I needed to review the conference as well as other materials and digest.

Aug 18 - Everyone is enraged I didn't call out Biscardi that night...I will not succumb either to peer pressure, to state a popular opinion. I needed to get my "ducks in a row." I had to get my head clear...and relevant facts entered. I also learn from a source that the DNA report he sent me on the 11th most likely was altered.

Aug 19 - I leave 5+ hours early for the airport, and soon as my "handlers" leave I get the word out of what had occurred, the deceptions. I apologized to listeners of the previous show for not being able to tell it like it is. My could have waited. I am physically and mentally exhausted. Officially break ties with Tom Biscardi and his company. I arrive home at 11:30PM from airport.

Aug 20 - Whitton and Dyer state Biscardi and I coached them. I issued statement stating the above involvement was all I've had, I never met them or even been to Georgia this year. I Agree to take polygraph if anyone volunteers one. I Issue a cease and desist letter to Biscardi for any attempt at communication to me.

Aug 21 - I appear on Fox and Friends at 6:50AM and reveal the deceptions of Tom Biscardi now believing he was complicit in the hoax based upon the DNA email and statements made.

Aug 22 - updated to reflect the facts in this matter.

You can decide for yourselves if you feel he's "Telling it like it is".
Note that HE had cause and proof that it was a hoax on August 16th during the thaw out. Since then he's appeared on his show twice and has refused to name Tom Biscardi as part of the scam. Only on August 21, probably after seeing the beating he was taking in the forums, does he decide to name Biscardi, on Fox News, as being involved.

Folks, people have left Kulls standing by himself-Friends and business associates alike. They do not want to be associated with someone who has lost all credibility.........and I don't blame them.

Ask yourself this question: Would I sacrifice my beliefs, career, name, integrity and trustworthyness for Tom Biscardi or his crew?

Your comments are always welcomed.


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is sad and an embarassement....
For the most part, I believe Steve in his latest public statement. I believe he went there thinking it was real. I believe he was lied to by Biscardi. But I just don't get him lying to his closest friends, and his audience like that on Monday and Tuesday. A lot of people who believed in him feel very hurt and betrayed. Okay, so I beieve it's possible he feared for his physical safety if he outed Tom when he was still in Indiana, amongst his other SFB crew.
BUT..Many, many people are never going to get what was going on in his head that made him do what he did to so many people, all the while, defending Biscardi.
Sorry, but it may take a very long time before people can or will trust you again Steve.

Psychic Bigfoot said...

Rough times at Searching for Bigfoot, huh? It's true in science, it's true in life, and it's true in bigfoot research...all it takes is one screw-up to officially sink your credibility and career.

Southern Bigfoot said...

- "Sad" is certainly a most appropriate word for this entire fiasco.

-psychic, Rough times indeed.
There must be more to Biscardi's involvment than meets the eye. It seems as if the boys may have a little something on him, otherwise what would explain his relative silence. Remember we're talking about a guy who would regularly threaten folks with legal action via his bi-coastal (curious) attorneys. Hahahahaha